Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fun With Grandma and Grandpa Harvey

We have been counting down the days for Summer to start kindergarten because shortly after that we would get some of the best visitors.

Finally that day came, and we got to pick grandma and grandpa Harvey from the airport. Summer was so excited that she even made a big welcome sign. Unfortunately we got caught in bad construction traffic, and didn't make it there before their plane landed. So, it was more like we ran up to them with the sign instead of the other way around.

On Monday night Philip was lucky enough to score some super awesome Astro's tickets from work. These were not just any seats. They were on the 6th row right behind the catcher.
To top it off it was all inclusive with a southern BBQ dinner and anything else they wanted to eat or snack on. They had a lot of fun. Mary, and I found them on TV so that was fun. I think this was a huge highlight for Philip, and his dad.
Here Summer was showing grandma and grandpa all the swimming techniques she has been learning at swim lessons. What we didn't know is that grandpa Harvey is a fast swimmer.
Grandpa was so excited to go to school with Summer on Grandparents Day. I think he fits right in. He loved being there with her.
Grandma got to be one of the mystery readers that day. It was really fun so see her read to Summer's class.
Grandparents day was also the day of the school elections. It was really funny to hear all of the kids running for office make their speeches. I think this might be Summer's first school assembly.
Of course they had Grandparent Day photos in the courtyard of the school with onlookers from the window. This will be nice to have because we don't have many pictures with grandma, and grandpa Harvey.
Here we are eating school lunch. Yummy! Summer enjoyed having us there at school with her. Going to school with Summer was definitely the highlight for grandma and grandpa.

After school we went to the zoo. This was the first time I have watched the lions being fed. It was pretty interesting.
To finish up our visit with grandma, and grandpa we went to San Antonio, and also to San Marcus to go shopping at the largest outlet mall I have ever seen. While we were at a department store I found Philip giving Summer a make over. She was in heaven since she is always asking when she can wear makeup. I am surprised Philip let her have it on in public, but I guess it was almost bed time. He is really good to her, and loves doing fun things like this, and daddy daughter dates.
Grandma, and Grandpa Harvey in San Antonio
Summer knows that Grandma Harvey is a huge lover of chocolate. She even remembers that grandma has a stash hiding in the house. I think she even knows the spot it is located. Anyhow, Summer was talking to grandma on the phone about chocolate one day, and the conversation was quite long. The conversation went something like this:

Summer: "Grandma, do you like chocolate milk?"
Grandma: "No, I don't like it."
Summer (with a puzzled look on her face): "Well do you like milk?"
Grandma: "Oh I love milk."
Summer: "Well if you love milk, and you love chocolate they why don't you like chocolate milk?"

To this day she is still stumped about that. She just doesn't understand that if you like both milk, and chocolate why you would not like chocolate milk.

Well, since we knew that grandma loves chocolate we were thrilled to take her to the Chocolate Bar. I love the place and think it is a great place to go have a desert, or a piece of chocolate. We had fun, but I don't think grandma was impressed by the place. I guess when you have yummy chocolate all the time the American versions are just not quite as good. It was still fun, and we enjoyed being together.

It was so nice to have family here, and we are always sad when they leave. This was the first time that it really hit Summer. She cried for about 15 minutes after we dropped them off at the airport. It is just so hard living so far from family. However, it is nice to know that we have such great friends here that are like our family.


krystyn said...

okay i love this post. did they come down jsut for gandparents day? that is so cute. and i cant believe summer is in kindergarten and Phil let her try on the crusty make-up samples at the store! Haha, tell him its very un-hygenic next time, and just to buy her some instead! miss you guys, home for christmas this year?

Kevin and Kerry said...

What a super fun vacation for the grandparents!! You guys kept them really busy. I guess one of the highlights of having family far away is that it is always extra special when they come visit.