Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Extravaganza

This year has really been an extravaganza. We have had so many Halloween activities that it just seemed to go on forever. We started out at the Nature Discovery Center pumpkin patch. It was fun, and Summer enjoyed all the pumpkins. Since Philip was at home studying I only had her pick out a small pumpkin so we could get the others as a family. Unfortunately we never did get more pumpkins. I just put it off too long I guess. It is not like Idaho where they freeze to death and in January you can still discover nicely carved pumpkins that some people didn't bother throwing away. Here they rot really fast, so oh well.

Summer wanted to be Hannah Montana this year for Halloween. So she picked this picture of her and said she wanted it like that. So this is our version of Hannah Montana. She had fun bedazzling her microphone. On the other hand I had a lot of work on my hands since I could not find a white denim jacket or a jacket pattern for that matter. I had to just wing it.
Here she is receiving her sparkle pumpkin award for the costume contest at the YMCA for ages 5-8 or 9 I think.
The YMCA was a lot of fun this year. They have all sorts of games and prizes, painting pumkins, a silly haunted house, and of course camel rides.
Summer and daddy enjoying a quick camel ride that they waited in line for at least 45 minutes to ride. I think it was worth it to them. A camel of all animals to ride for Halloween. They had fun.

The Friday before Halloween Summer's class had a short little Halloween activity with cookies, and goodie bags. They had fun dancing around and enjoying the celebration. It is always nice to see Summer interacting with kids.
That same day we went to another party that some friends were hosting. I decided to try making homemade donuts for the first time. They turned out yummy and I am so glad that everyone ate them so I didn't have to bring any home.
Finally on Saturday the 30th we went to our ward's trunk-or-treat. Summer enjoyed walking around with her dad while I passed out candy to a ton of kids.
Summer sure does love these girls. She had a blast playing with all of her friends and of course eating too much candy.

Philip finally wore this Asian outfit he bought in High School. I have been trying to get him to get some use out of it every Halloween since we have been married.
The pumpkin carving of the two small pumpkins we did end up with didn't happen until tonight. Summer was so excited to carve one, so I guess we will be those funny people that leave their Halloween decorations out for a few extra days. Unfortunately we didn't even have a tea light candle to put in. I did stick the lighter in for a minute so she could see what it would look like.
Next year I am going all out on the pumpkins because it is such a fun tradition for the kids.

Our Halloween was very eventful and tiring at the same time. I am glad we had fun, but I 'm also glad it is over. I hope everyone had a great Holiday and enjoyed some festivities as well.


Natalie said...

Hey Melissa!

Summer's costume is seriously awesome! And I'm totally impressed with your homemade doughnuts. I've tried before and they didn't turn out as good as yours look!!!

We are going to have a surprise this time! We don't know yet if it's a boy or girl. Can't wait to find out myself!!

Jessica said...

Your donuts look amazing! Could you tell me what recipe you used?! Thanks!

Jessica said...

Thanks Melissa for the site! I'm excited to give it a try sometime!