Friday, December 3, 2010

Art by Summer

I have been saving a few of Summer's art and letters that she has been making for me. I have so many that unfortunately I have to throw several away. Here are a few of my favorites that I did decide to keep.

Lately Summer has been enjoying writing letters. She writes several every day and usually all on her own. This letter was one I found in her room when I went to check on her before I went to bed. She had gotten her blankets taken away for some reason I don't recall. She got out of bed, made herself a bed right next to the night light, and wrote this letter which I found next to her fast asleep. My translation of it is "You said that I can have my blankies back. I just want you to give them to me. But I love you."

I just smiled so big when I found this that I laid her back in her bed and put her blankets next to her. It is fun to see her learning to read and write. I love getting little notes everyday.
She brought me this picture and asked if I liked it. I was actually quite amazed that she came up with it all on her own. My favorite part is the possum hanging upside down.
Rough translation: "I love you and can't wait till we have another baby. I am waiting for a baby." I guess she really really wants someone to play with.
I don't recall what she told me this is. I think a dinosaur or an Elephant.

Seriously, it is little things like this that make being a mom so fun, exciting, and rewarding. I am so blessed to have such a happy little girl. I love her so much, and I do look forward to receiving many more notes and pictures.


SNSsoup said...

She is so stinkin' cute Melissa. Seriously, she's adorable. Wow! I'm SUPER impressed with how well she writes!!! Good for her. I read somewhere about a family who started an art wall in their garage because they were receiving so many fabulous drawings and pictures from their 6 year old, they couldn't obviously keep everything forever so they decided to tape up every picture on a wall in their garage they designated "the art wall". At the end of the year, they took a picture of the art wall and then let their kid tear it down so that they could begin a new one. I'm thinking of starting one here at home cuz the boys bring home so many creative pieces of art every day from school I have a difficult time deciding what to keep and what not to keep. Another idea is to invest in a scanner and just scan everything she gives you and then at the end of the year make a c.d. so she can see it all later on. Just two ideas that I thought maybe I'd pass on. Oh b.t.w. have fun in Idaho! What a treat you'll get to visit home, hopefully there will be snow!

Kevin and Kerry said...

Those notes make me so excited for my kids to grow up!! So cute!!