Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cocoa the Imaginary Friend

For about 1 1/2 years now Summer has had a special friend she calls Cocoa. Cocoa Mena is her invisible friend that she loves to play with, or boss around, blame things on, etc.

Apparently Cocoa is a boy and sometimes tells her to do naughty things like play in the shampoo, etc. We do not encourage this invisible playmate, nor do we discourage it. We just kind of let her know that she can't blame things on a person who is pretend.

When she wants Cocoa to move, or come along with her, she grabs the air with her hand. It can be quite entertaining to watch her and this invisible playmate of hers.

Lizard Friend:

Summer came running up the stairs the other day screaming and saying, "Mom, come downstairs and let me show you what is in our house." I came down thinking it was a bug or something, and it was a lizard. This little lizard came for a visit and gave us a little excitement for the day. This is not the first time it has happened. It also happened the two summers previous that we have lived here in Houston. Aside from bugs, warm weather also brings reptiles. I just don't ever want to see a snake in my house.


Marcy M Miller said...

No fun to have lizards in the house, I would freak out!!! That is cute that Summer has an imagianary friend and she draws very well.

krystyn said...

that's so cute about cocoa! i keep thinking greta is gonna have an imaginary friend one of these days, she LOVES playing pretend ALL the time! They are growing up way to fast!

Rachel said...

That's a nice surprise. I laughed about the kinder surprise, not because it's funny, but I can totally relate. My husband is form Canada so we cross the border once or twice a year. We've had fresh fruit & veggies as well as roast beef sandwiches confiscated. They've searched our car and insisted on going through bags including the one with our dirty laundry in it. You pretty much have to oblige and let them do what they want because they have a gun and the authority to dismantle your vehicle or impound it for no apparent reason. Gotta love the border patrol.

Emily&Jesse said...

Melissa, I am just impressed your blog didn't say 'we hid out in a room unitl Phil got home and could get rid of the lizard'. You are a brave good mommy.