Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Awesome American Idol!!

American Idol Rocked this week!

If you are not as big of a fan and don't recognize the photo above, it is none other than Michael Jackson. I absolutely love his music. He really is such a talented person. We won't go into the other side of him that is not so glamorous. For me I like to stick to remembering his awesome music and dancing.

The Best part of the show tonight I have to say was the recap at the beginning of the show highlighting Michael Jackson.

In my opinion, this season is the best by far. Maybe it is just the most appealing. Several of the contestants have a huge chance at making it big.

Next to the awesome Michael recap I absolutely loved Adam Lambert's performance as I did last week too. I just love his sound, and he kind of reminds me of Axle Rose from Guns n' Roses.

Philip thinks I am a little High Schoolish, but I can't help it. I am seriously loving the performances especially from the following individuals.

Adam Lambert is by far my favorite, and I would totally buy his CD.

Allison is very unique and I like her raspy voice. Last weeks song would be great as a cover from her.

Alexis has great vocals too.

Scott is amazing with the piano. Can you believe he learned that MJ song just this week, and he is blind.

Anyways, sorry about the long American Idol post, but I couldn't help it. Maybe Philip is right and I do feel a little like a high school girl. Maybe if I go to a concert sometime I will start freaking out and bawling just to fit in with the rest of the young teens.


NapoleansDeb said...

I am with you Melissa. There were only a few so-so performances. It was a really talented bunch. I am sure the judges would say that that is because they had more say this year. Where is your love for David Gokey? Are you a fan? I agreed with your top choices but I would have stuck Gokey in there as well. What do you think of the whole twist in the results? I am guessing that they are going to do a bottom two or three and than the judges will pick who will go. Which stinks because I can't understand there fascination with that tattooed girl from Utah. I have not liked one of her performances and that Rocking Robin song was ridiculous. Anyways, ranting over. Tara-Out.

candise said...

I wish I watched the rest of the episode I missed most of your fav's, it's beeen a while since I was an idol fan but I saw a little bit and I liked the guy who sang PYT :) Also I am totally into acting like I am in high school and if you ever want to chat about Zac Efron, the latest girly movie or the Jonas Brothers I am your woman!

Jill and Ryan said...

I can't believe you like Adam. He drives me crazy. Is he gay, is a girl want a be. I don't know!!! But for some reason everything about him drives me nuts. I love Danny and Anoop. But I am with you on this American Idol having so many talented people. But sorry, I am not on the Adam Train.

Sallyseashell said...

I was laughing so hard remembering your bridal shower where we watched a bunch of clips of Michael jackson!(am I remembering correctly?) That was so awesome! I think thats one of the things I love about you-You don't care what anyone thinks-you just go for it liking MJ!