Sunday, February 15, 2009

Surfside Beach Marathon and 1/2 Marathon

Rishelle the leader of the pack convinced Lyn and I back in the summer to train for a half marathon. I just felt a full was out of my reach especially after just having a baby. I thought I might be able to accomplish a half even though it seemed daunting.
Starting in September we started a training schedule and would meet on Saturdays for our long runs. I have to say that if it were not for these two girls I think it would have been easier to give up.
Finally the race came on Valentines Day of course. We all met in Surfside, TX and began the race at 8:00 am.
This is us just getting ready for the race to start. Lyn, Rishelle, and I also had to get rid of our nerves.

The race is on, and we are located right in the middle, except for Rishelle who is just in front of us. This is what it was like pretty much the whole 13.1 miles, and 26.2 for Rishelle. It was awesome to run right along the ocean.

This is also me coming in right at the end of the race. Another picture just before I hit the finish.
I look like a sick wet thing, and I was. I was so tired, and drenched from the down pour the last 2.5 miles or so of the race.

Just a few more steps and I would finally be finished. I think at this point I was just happy to see Philip.
Crossing the finish line has never felt so good. I was to happy to have accomplished this goal, and at the same time so happy it was over.
The reason I am including this picture is because I think it shows what I was feeling like when I stopped running. I was sick. I actually think I ate something bad or something was off, because the whole 13.1 miles was more challenging to me than in training. I really thought I was going to pass out for about 10 minutes after. If I ever do this again I better be feeling on top of it on race day. Oh well, I finished.
Philip and Summer came to support me and see me finish. It was so nice to have them there. I love them both. They have put up with many crazy Saturdays through this whole thing. Thanks.
Over all the race was great. I was loving the new ipod I got to listen to courtesy of my brother-in-law. The scenery was beautiful, the smell was great except for the two dolphin carcases. The sand was way more packed than I thought it would be too.
The headwind was difficult, as well as the rain at the end. Poor Rishelle got rained on in the middle of her 26.2 miles, and had to carry an extra 10 lbs of water logged in her shoes. I am happy that we did it, and I can't thank these girls enough for helping me stick it out and giving me much needed therapy over the last 6 months.


Lyn Hunter said...

We did it together. There were some days that I would not have made it without you. We did it and now we don't have to think about another one for a long while. I am just worried about the next thing Rishelle is going to think up.

candise said...

Wow melissa what an accomplishment! that's so amazing, congratulations. I have only ever attempted 10K runs, and those were killer enough!

Jana said...

I am so proud (and jealous!) of you! It seems like it would have been so difficult to run in the sand! Wow! You look great, and I am so impressed that you accomplished such a wonderful goal!

Jodell said...

Wahoo!!! You're so awesome, Melissa! When is your next race ;)

Jill said...

Congrats girl! That is so amazing. That gives me encouragement to try out a marathon on my own. I am impressed. I hope you are super proud of yourself, you should be.

Josh, Brooke & Houston said...

You guys are awesome! I am so proud of you and a little jealous....someday, someday is what I keep telling myself.

Marcy M Miller said...

Good for you. That is awesome, that stinks that it was raining. That is a great accomplishment.

Brekke said...

What an accomplishment! Congratulations on finishing a very worthy goal. I hope you don't hurt all over. I do just from seeing your pictures.

Marissa, Randy, Noah said...

You did it!! Congrats! I was thinking about you Sat morning. What an awesome goal to reach!

Kevin and Kerry said... are the woman!! I don't think I have the willpower to train and complete anything like that. You go Girl!!

monique said...

Great job! I can pretty confidently say that I couldn't do it! All that training would have done me in. You're awesome!

Jen said...

Holy Cow! You are amazing. I don't think I would have it in me. I am proud of you and loved reading your post. Hope you are doing well.
Love Jen