Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Summer, Summer, Summer, Time

OK, so it is not summer time yet. It is however, Summer time. She has been doing some fun things the last couple of days that have just made me so happy.
This is a song that will make Kamille happy. Summer was pretending to be a chorister at church while singing songs before bed.

First her room was well look at the picture below. It was a horrendous tornado that hit and destroyed her room. I dreaded helping her clean it up as I can not just say go clean your room. More age appropriate is for me to sit in her room and tell her to bring me certain things.

Well, I was cleaning downstairs, and she played a game with me and would go clean up certain assigned items. She would then come back down and ask for a different one. I did have to reward her from time to time by giving her a good job or 1 sweet tart heart candy. This is the before and after picture. I am so proud that she accomplished this all on her own. The only thing I did was vacuum a second time with the real vacuum.

Philip and I also got a kick out of her while playing a game of Memory. I had just turned over my two cards to find they were not matches, but had revealed the match to a card Summer had flipped over a gazillion times. As soon as she saw the one I flipped over she placed her hand on the other match and held it there as if to say to us it belonged to her and to not even try taking it away. Maybe you just had to be there, but it really was funny.
We love watching Summer grow, and the funny things she says and does. She really is such a good kid, and we are blessed to have her.


Emily&Jesse said...

Summer is so cute! You are lucky that she helps clean, and she did such a good job. she is becoming such a big girl.

Lincoln said...

Mellissa - great job.
Age appropriate psychology works wonders. The ability to make a chore a pleasure works wonders.
Therapeutic Recreation is an important resource for accomplishing a goal that otherwise becomes a burden. Summer's Dad Philip is blessed with a Mother with a strong intuitive sense that achieved favorable outcomes in lots of challenging situations. Good choices have a way of blessing the following generations for a long time.
Valentines day Feb 14, We will be thinking of you in that long race.
13 miles wow. You tough Mama!
Best Wishes Grandpa Harvey aka

Sarah said...

Hey guys, It's been a long time, I can't believe how big your little Summer is and so beautiful. I'm really sorry to hear about your son, he really is a beautiful baby and you are so amazing to me how strong you have been! We sure miss you at Canadian Thanksgiving! I'm glad we can get back in touch.