Sunday, February 22, 2009

Grocery Shopping with Summer

I had been putting grocery shopping off all week. When if finally came that I was forced to go because of the lack of food in our house we decided to make the best of it.
I took Summer down to Pearland and went to the HEB. I have only been in a couple of times, and this time it was awesome. There were tons of samples out, so I didn't even have to buy lunch. I found the whole wheat that you can freshly grind in the health food section. We loved it.
Summer loves looking at lobsters swimming in the water at the regular store, but here I scooted the cart right next to these. She was freaked out by the tentacles that moved toward her hand.

Next we went to the new Kroger at Shadow Creek Ranch to check out the kid size shopping carts. This is not new to me. At my local grocery store Broulims in Rigby, ID they have been around for years, but usually they are taken by the swarms of children in that small town. Here however, the replacement of animals for children left many available for Summer to choose from.
She was having so much fun, that when her cart go really heavy from the juice she refused to let me help her push.
She even led me out to the car to pack them in the car.

If only my local Kroger would get these, I might not dread grocery shopping anymore. I think I just might go and ask the manager when they are going to get some.


krystyn said...

thats so cute! i just did the same thing with greta and she had a blast! i love the mini carts!

Svancara Family said...

I wanted to share with you my sisters blog that she just started. she just had a similar experience that you had with scott. the blog is called Hope your family is doing well.
Adria Svancara

Baby Makes Three said...

Too cute! There is a market here in the woods that has the mini carts and Jaden loves pushing them around....a little too quickly though. =]