Friday, January 13, 2012

Earning Their Keep

 Recently the realization has hit me that Summer is old enough and quite capable to help out around the house with chores that are not so baby friendly. I put her right to work one day after school when I was not in the mood to vacuum the rug that has to be tediously cleaned with the hose because our vacuum doesn't work well on it. Ususally it takes me what seems like 20 minutes to get this thing cleaned right. It was fantastic to watch Summer vacuum the carpet for me. She enjoyed it quite a bit too. I know that won't last long so I will take it while I can get it.
Next on the older kid chore list is helping me do the dishes. Again not wanting to clean up myself I rinsed all the dishes out and then set Summer to work washing the dishes that could not go in the dishwasher and a few extras like the glass she has. I had to explain how she needs to wash both the inside and the outside really well. I think she did a pretty good job because she spent so long on each dish I had to make her get a new one. 
She is a big help with Brayden. Usually she entertains him while I am cooking dinner which help tremendously. She is easily grossed out by throwing diapers away or things like that so instead she has started helping me feed Brayden a bit. I only let her give him a few bites, but she is getting better at getting the food in his mouth and not all over him. He loves her so much. She is his best friend. 

Brayden's job is basically to look cute. He is a super happy baby for the most part. He really only fusses when he is tired or hungry. He is full of smiles. As long as he keeps it up he is fulfilling his duties around the house. 

 Oh, and of course he has to eat his food which he loves. His favorites are bananas, and also anything he can eat from his own hand. This is very limited of course so he eats a lot of baby mum mum rice crackers. Keep up the good work Brayden. Maybe you will be my less picky eater.

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