Monday, December 19, 2011

Brayden 6 Months

Can you believe my little boy is not so little anymore? Seriously where does time go. I really can't believe Brayden is already six months old. I remember thinking when he was born that when he was six months it would almost be time to visit my family for Christmas. Well the time is here. Brayden is growing and changing so much. Here are some stats and some things Brayden is up to these days. 

Brayden's weight: 16 lbs 5 oz
Length: 25 3/4 inches
He is a little on the light side, but has grown in length.  He will probably be tall and thin like his dad. 
 Brayden is easily entertained by anyone and anything in sight. This also means he is very distracted especially while eating which is can be interesting.
 One day he just started to suck on his lip. It is actually quite cute to see him soothing himself with his lip. It is like a built in soother. It lasted for a couple weeks, and now he only does it occasionally.
 At around five months I decided to give him a baby cucumber to chew on just to see what he thought and to help sooth his gums. Man did he go to town on that thing. He loved it. In the last week I have started him on solids. He is definitely a lover of food. He just needs to get the swallowing down. I have a whole post on him eating I will do later.
 Brayden is now practicing sitting up. He is still really wobbly but has come a long way in just two weeks. As long as this pillow thing is behind him he does good for about 5-10 minutes before toppling over. The best is when he does a nose dive and manages to roll himself over to avoid squishing his face in the ground.
 Oh how he loves his daddy. As soon as daddy comes home and walks up the stairs he is grinning from ear to ear. When Philip is in the room Brayden constantly stares at him. Sometimes while I am feeding him he stops, tilts his head upside down and looks at Philip. I think they will make great buddies. I actually have a similar picture of Summer on Philip's shoulders I should post.
 He has finally learned the cause and effect of the jolly jumper. Jumping is a new favorite of his. Actually he mostly twirls in circles.
 I always love sneaking a peak of my sleeping kids. There is just something so peaceful about it. This is where Brayden likes to take his naps. I don't know why but he just sleeps the best like this during the day. I need to start training him to take his naps in his crib now that he can roll.
 What an adorable little fellow. I love him so much I can't stand it. My kids just make my life so much sweeter.
 And of course he loves his big sister. She is his best friend. She can always make him smile and laugh a bit too. There are those moments when he just wants her to leave him alone, but that is only because she can't get enough of him either. They make great pals.
 I was cooking dinner and looked over the couch to check on Brayden since he was with Summer and this is what I found. Summer was playing like she was Mary and Brayden was Baby Jesus. She had the blue hippo as a sheep and since there were no more people to play the wise men she used the tiny ones from her nativity. She must have forgot about Joseph all together because I don't think I see him in the picture. Anyhow, Brayden was entertained and Summer was teaching him about Christmas.
 Our good friends were so nice and brought this little hippo to Brayden. Of course he is too small for it right now, but daddy gave him a little ride anyways. As you can see he is getting more teeth as evidenced by the soaking wet onsie. This kid can't stop drooling.
 Brayden and I get to hang out quite a bit since I am at home with him all day long. He is my best shopping buddy, exercise buddy, scoffer buddy, and sewing buddy.
 I am pretty lucky that I get to spend my day with this little boy. I love you Brayden.

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Brayden is one adorable baby. He looks just like Philip.