Friday, July 29, 2011

Visit With Family

My family has planned to come visit us for a while now. Finally the day came that they traveled the 15 hours by car to get here. We were so happy to see them. It is nice to be within driving distance as it makes it easier for them to visit me too. Right away we could tell we had a house full of kids. It was a good sound to hear kids playing and Summer being entertained.
Summer skate boarding with her cousin Dakota. This is her version of skate boarding I guess because it feels safe.
We took my family to Lynn Canyon to see one of the suspension bridges and to walk around in the woods/rainforest.
We came across this huge slug. Summer thought it was great.
Friday while Philip took Summer and the boys to the aquarium we headed over to Vancouver Island. This is the line for the ferry on the way home. It was actually really fun to ride the ferry because none of us had ever experienced it before. Plus it was really pretty.
Once on the island we headed over to Buchart Gardens which are so fabulous. It was so beautiful and nice to see. I am sure my mom was in heaven. She absolutely loves gardening and planting flowers.
Just one small view of some of the many flower gardens there. I love the bright colored ones.
When I saw these flowers the first thing that popped into my head was that they reminded me of the huge roaches we see in the South. A much prettier roach, but still a roach to me.
My mom and sister Kody. Neither of them wanted their picture taken, but I made them anyways.
This pictures is pure motivation for me to start exercising now that I can. I nice background, and I love my family. We are just missing my older sister Kori. Maybe next time she can make it.

The kids were anxious to head to the beach. It was a really nice day that day, however, by the time we made it to the beach it turned windy and overcast. The kids were still determined to play in the water.
Kiowa enjoying the cold water. He really spent a lot of his time shooting the seagulls with water.
Enjoying the sun covered by the clouds.
After the boys buried each other this is what they looked like. I am sure they both had sand in their nose and mouth.
Sandy kids.
On their last night here Summer decided to play salon. My mom and sister were the guinea pigs.
Aren't they beautiful.
I can't thank them enough for coming. It was so good to see them and also to have so much help with the baby. Summer already misses having kids to play with non stop. I look forward to going there sometime hopefully soon.

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