Friday, July 29, 2011


For the last year and a half Summer has continuously asked when her teeth would fall out. She was so anxious for this to happen. She even tried making her teeth come loose even though she knew it would not work.

Well, yesterday she was eating some chips and she said I think I might have a loose tooth. She showed me and sure enough her tooth was quite loose.
Forgive the dirty mouth picture, but she had been eating chips. She was so excited. I tried to get her to wait and wiggle it after Philip came home but she could not resist.
Once her dad came home she asked me for an apple because I told her that might help her tooth come out. Well that didn't work. She then went upstairs to look in the mirror. About ten minutes later she said it came out. I didn't believe her so she came to show me that the tooth was hanging by a thread. So, now you see my daughter has surely lost her first tooth.
Here is the classic missing tooth smile. I can't believe she is growing up. I am so happy for her to have lost her tooth. She was happy in the morning to find that the tooth fairy had come to leave her a surprise. She then smiled and said I like having a missing tooth.

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