Sunday, November 1, 2009


Halloween was great. I at least had a costume ready for Summer. I repurposed a black velvet floral dress and added a lot of frills to it. She loved it and I loved that she was happy.

We went to the ward trunk or treat and now have a ton of candy. The weather was perfect this year. It was not hot at all, in fact we have had mild weather for the last couple weeks. I hope it stays this way.

So, Halloween is over, and we are ready for Christmas. I started playing Christmas music this morning. Just kidding. I just thought I would pretend to be like the stores. Just wait until tomorrow and they will for sure be playing those jingle tunes for Christmas. Of course the Christmas decor has been out since June.

Here are a couple pictures I took of Summer before her school costume parade.


Marcy M Miller said...

What a cute witch!

Rebecca said...

Melissa you are so talented, I can't tell you enough. Summer is so adorable in that witch costume.