Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Ok, so I have been spending countless hours trying to make a darn quilt for Summer. When I was pregnant with Scott I made a small one for him to use in the hospital, and while making it Summer would ask several times if I was making it for her. Since then she asks quite frequently when I am sewing if I am making her quilt.

Well finally I have cut all the pieces out and have begun to sew the appliques on. Now that I can finally sew my machine decides to give me havoc. I am so annoyed by this because I am ready to sew like crazy to get this quilt done. Maybe I just need to let the machine rest for the night. Who knows, I should finish it in this century if my sewing machine decides to start working.

It really has been fun though.


ryan, kristen, kate and sawyer said...

hello, seriously, you can come over and use mine! and I can totally let you babysit it while I'm gone!

Jodell said...

Naughty sewing machine! How is it acting up? It's still pretty new, right? Mine's being testy too lately... I had to take the entire bobbin casing apart and pull out two years worth of lint balls ;) I can't wait to see Summer's quilt!