Sunday, November 9, 2008

8 Miles

So yesterday was the 8 mile mark. It was so hard, and I about died but I made it to the end. After seeing Rishelle I thought I should not be complaining. She did 16 and that is a ton. Still, my 8 was hard enough for me, but the day was nice and I was enjoying the cool air in the morning. It is a great feeling to accomplish a large goal that seems unreachable, even if it means a sore tired body at the end of it. It will be interesting to see how I do on race day.

I officially signed up for the Surfside half marathon on February 14, 2009. It is the only marathon and half marathon run entirely on the beach. It is packed sand, so it should not slow us down too much.

This year has been a very different chapter in my life, and a race can only keep my adrenaline going and add to the interesting year I have had.


Sara said...

Yay! I want to come and watch!! You are awesome Melissa!!

Jana said...

AMAZING!!! Keep it up, do it for me, too! YOU WILL MAKE IT!

Jen said...

Thats really cool Mel! I just ran my first mile last night (since I had the baby). I don't know if I could ever make it 8 miles. So I really look up to you!
Hope you get that quilt done. I would let you borrow my sewing machine, cause I hardly use it as of late. Maybe I should do something huh!
You are so good at all the crafts you do. I would love to see pictures of your quilt when you finish.