Monday, July 15, 2013

Melissa's Garden Part 2

OK, so as expected from me I didn't update as soon as I thought. However, I still want to update with the garden I am trying out. These pictures below were taken on July 11, 2013. 

 First we have the early girl tomato plant out front. This baby has grown so well and has become so tall that one night I opened the door to find it bent in half. I quickly tied it to a tall bamboo stick to help keep it up. The problem is that most of the tomatoes sit on the same side of the planter and therefore it is too heavy. Today it was completely toppled over. I have now placed a large rock on the lighter side of the planter in hopes it will balance it out a bit. 
 Unfortunately my cabbage, and brussels sprouts have almost reached the end of their immature life. The slugs and other pests are eating it like crazy. I'm annoyed because it was so nice looking and then all of a sudden it looked like this. 
 Here are my beets in a container doing well. I'm crossing my fingers that they will not get hit by the pests. I don't even like beets but wanted to grow them anyways. Maybe I'll like them more if I grow them myself. 
These are the tomatoes in my topsy turvy planters. Growing and thriving so far. 

 More tomatoes.

 Butternut squash, and patty pan squash.
 See the itsy bitsy butternut squash. I'm crossing my fingers that when they bloom that they will get pollinated. Maybe I'll try pollinating it myself. 
 Carrots are doing well despite being trampled on by Brayden. 
 Roma tomatoes and a pepper plant. 

 Crawling up the fence are the snow peas. They are so yummy and we have picked a ton. Definitely and easy one to grow. 
 Cherry tomatoes that seem to be producing. 
The zucchini plants are doing well. I even have a few flower blossoms, however, they are all female blossoms and the males have not blossomed yet. I am not sure if this means it will not turn into a zucchini or not. 
 Purple long beans that have started to blossom.
This was a mystery plant because when I planted it I thought it was a second patty pan squash plant. However, as it has started to blossom I have decided it is not a squash. Then I was stumped until the blossom got just a tiny bit bigger and I have decided it is a cucumber plant. Doesn't that look like a baby pickle? 

Well so far the experimental gardening is still fun. It is annoying when pests or kids ruin a nicely growing plant, but it is all part of learning. Until next time cross your fingers the slugs don't over take my garden. 

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