Sunday, February 10, 2013

Its funny how I was thinking I was motivated and ready to keep my blog updated all through December and really it was all in my head. I still haven't even blogged about Christmas. Oh well, I will do that soon enough for my own personal records.

February is here and I am three days away from having our fourth baby. I can't believe how fast it has gone this time around. For some strange reason I am actually nervous this time around both for the c-section as well as having a third baby around the house to care for. Fortunately Philip is off work for two weeks so he will be able to help me chase Brayden around.

Philip has always wanted the gender to be a surprise so this time I went with it. I like knowing but it has also been kind of fun to wonder what it is for sure. Each time I went in for an ultrasound I looked away when they got close to the legs. After having so many ultrasounds with both Scott and Brayden I can make a lot of it out. I didn't want to ruin it. So far so good. So in a few days I will let everyone know what the little babe is a boy or a girl.

Anyhow, here are a bunch of pictures from the past since I have been horrible at putting them on here. Maybe it will motivate me to keep more updated with my blog so I will have better record of them.
 Brayden helping me clean the house or something like that. More like making snow angels but instead of snow the wet floor.
 Summer likes entertaining her brother. Suitcase ride anyone?
 This reminded me of Randy on A Christmas Story because Brayden couldn't get up off of the floor with his puffy coat on.
 Summer showing me her art from school. I love her to pieces.
 Brayden enjoying the skiff of snow we got.
 And a couple more inches makes it a bit more fun.

 Brayden in his office while waiting for a haircut. The haircut never happened because he was too wiggly.
 I taught Summer a fun way to use a sleeping bag. I remember doing it when I was little.
 Summer got 100% on her spelling and so I treated her to hot chocolate and a donut. She had worked really hard for a few weeks to finally get them all right.

 Finally a haircut! Still wiggly but a little more cooperative when given a sucker. The next day he doesn't seem to cheery. Maybe he doesn't like his haircut.
 Brayden loves holding an umbrella, the only thing is he still needs to master holding it with both hands so it doesn't tip over. He will get a lot of practice here as it rains a lot.

 My kids both love playing in the kitchen. I gave them each a piece of dough and they went to town.
 Philip had a birthday on January 10th. He usually requests peach pie so that is what I made him. I even used the peaches I canned.

 Not in love with the car seat. I wouldn't like being strapped down in a five point harness either.
 More skiff. They like playing in it no matter how little we get.
 Reading buddies.

Brayden's new favorite thing to do. He is a typical boy. The problem is it pushes his diaper down so when he pees at night it occasionally gets all over him and his bed while leaving his diaper dry. Very annoying.
 Just a happy boy.
 Brayden getting his hockey on. I guess he is a true Canadian boy.
 Summer had her first piano recital. She played Mr. Moon and A Tea Party. She was so nervous but did great. 
A new way of wearing a baby. LOL. Uncle Andrew going to check the mail with Brayden.
Somehow Summer has managed to break her glasses three times in less than a year. Fortunately we had the protection plan which made them inexpensive to replace. However, since her prescription changed we ended up purchasing new glasses all together. I'm crossing my fingers that she will take better care of them this year.  

 Here she is so excited to receive a package in the mail. What is it. Her new glasses of course. She is so happy. 
 Summer likes to draw and write poems. She showed me this one and told me it was the picture hanging on our wall. I was impressed by her drawing. Especially because I am 31 and I still draw stick people. She did a pretty good job. 
 Making a Valentine craft. 
 I like to call Brayden my Curious George. He is into everything and climbing on and inside everything. Completely different than Summer when she was his age. He is a busy boy who likes to run especially when I am trying to catch him. It's not easy being 38 weeks prego and trying to catch this little guy before he runs somewhere he shouldn't. 

I have such an amazing family and couldn't have asked for better kids. I love them so much and they keep life interesting. It will be interesting to see the changes come with another baby added to the mix. Wish us luck. 

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Bryan and Rebekah said...

So excited to find out what you are having! I can't believe our babies might have the same birthday:) good luck with everything. Your kids sure are growing up!