Sunday, March 21, 2010

Houston Rodeo!

This year we finally went to the actual rodeo and the Rascal Flatts concert. It was so much fun. Phil had never been to a rodeo, so it was interesting for him. The funny thing is that the only two bull riders that scored that night were from Canada.
It was also military day, so this was part of the presentation before the concert started. It was actually really awesome, and always reminds me of those fighting for the freedoms and comforts that I enjoy everyday.
Summer and her dad rode a few rides together. The bumper cars are classic.
Both Philip and I were shocked when Summer told us she wanted to go on this by herself. She took the guys hand and let him lift her onto her belly. She just held on and enjoyed the ride like a big girl. She is the one right under the smudge in the clouds.
They have this really awesome thing where the kids can be a farmer. They go around to each area and learn about the product, then they sell it at the farmers market where they get paid a fake dollar. Next they go to the store and spend their dollar on a snack.

For dinner Summer wanted nachos, however, decided she didn't like the cheese. She suggested going back to the farmers stand and getting raisins for dinner.

This year we decided to try the fried alligator on a stick. To be honest is was not that good. It was like fishy chicken.

Phil always get Goode Company BBQ so he enjoyed that and I ate Summer's nachos. Fair food is always fatty, but good. Luckily we did not go overboard.
Just when the rodeo started Summer's preschool had Go Texan's day with pony rides, and a petting zoo. All the kids got to dress up for the occasion. This is what we managed to put together.
The funny thing about the rodeo here in Houston is that so many people who are clearly not cowboy in any way suddenly become super cowboy in appearance. I went to a Famous Footwear to find some runners for Summer and had to chuckle at the large sign saying, "WE DO NOT SELL COWBOY BOOTS!"

It has been such a great time. We love the rodeo and look forward to it again.


SNSsoup said...

I LOVE the rodeo! I've only been one time; that was when I was up at Ricks and roomies with you. It was super crowded so we had no where to sit so they made us all hang onto the fencing and watch; it was at that time that they decided to let all of the little bulls out of their corral thingy and they ran right past us! I remember all of us being terrified that we were going to stabbed by one of their horns! Do you remember that? Anyhow, I LOVED the rodeo and I've been looking for one to go to ever since with my boys; I have bad timing and seem to always miss them though. Anyhow- Melissa your little girl SUMMER is SO BEAUTIFUL! REALLY! Her looks are just stunning. She's a really good mix between you and Phil. I LOVE her pink cowgirl boots too! I'm absolutely disgusted you thought to try alligator! YUCK! At least I know now that when people say it tastes like chicken they're lying because you said it tasted fishy! Anyhow, LOVE your blog and even more the cute things you make for your etsy shop! I'm so jealous of your sewing skills. I've been telling my husband I need to learn how to sew but he dismisses it and thinks it's just another hobby I'll give up on after doing it for a week; BUT in the new Ensign out for April I read an article that talked about the importance of knowing how to sew and mend; it's nearly a lost art that you don't see too often in the home anymore. After reading that I thought of you and another one of my friends who is a terrific seamstress. I'm determined to learn now more than I ever was before. You're lucky you already know how and can whip up whatever you want. You look great; your family is beautiful! I love reading your updates.

Philip, Melissa, & Summer said...

SNSsoup I know we must have been roomates, however, you didn't leave a comment and I can't get onto your blog. Can you email me. I have an email link button on my craft blog.