Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Fun with Summer

This is a brief update on our Christmas festivities. Summer was so excited to decorate the gingerbread house this year. If you haven't ever bought the ready to make ones at the store, you should try it. I think it is great because it comes with everything and it is still fun and yummy for the kids. Our roof kept slipping off, but eventually after about 4 tries it finally stayed with a slit down the middle. Summer did a great job with the candy.
Usually I like to have a cute tree, with the decorations placed nicely. This year, we were given a pre lit tree from our friends who were so generous in passing on it to us. The lights didn't work, and we didn't want the tree to go to waste. So Phil did a great job tediously pulling all the old lights off so we could string new ones on. By the time we finally got the lights on the tree Summer could not stand waiting any longer to put the ornaments on.
So, we let her have at it. She placed them all in one general location near the bottom center of the tree. We decided to just let her keep it that way this year. She has been taking the ornaments off almost everyday and rearranging them. Maybe she will still be doing that when she has her own tree someday.

Well, I thought that if our tree was going to be fit for kids that we may as well get into it more. So, Summer and I popped popcorn and strung popcorn all around the tree. It was fun, and it kept her entertained for a couple days. I actually like the way popcorn turned out.
She loves Christmas, and looks forward to every moment of festive fun. Oh, and whenever we go to the post office she takes a label and sticks it on her shirt. I must have forgotten it was there and never took it off all day. I guess she is ready to be shipped out for Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all of you incase I don't get another post in before then.

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Jeppesen Family said...

Your such a great mom!!! Have fun in Canada, Merry Christmas. Love The Jeppesen's