Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pajama Party!!

So, Summer really hates doing warm-ups at gymnastics. I think she is mostly to shy, and it takes her 15 minutes to warm up to liking warm-ups.

She has also been wanting to watch the new Scooby Doo movie that just came out. So, I used a little bribery and told her that if she would do all of her warm ups and do them without me nearby that she could have a movie pajama party with her dad and I the next night because it would be a Friday.

When we went to gymnastics she hesitated at first, but she did all her warm ups and stayed with her coach. She was so excited to have this party as a reward.
Here are some pajamas that I made her for the occasion. They were super simple and took about 20 minutes. She was a little confused thinking it was a dress. The only other night gown she has ever worn was when she was one. She loved the pjs. Now I will have to make a whole bunch because they are cute, and easy.


Janna said...

I love the sleeves on that!!! So cute! I can't believe how grown up summer looks :)

also known as shell said...

Hi Melissa!

How are you? I remember you as well and it looks like you have a wondeful family! I went to your craft blog and girl you have mega talent! I love Amy Butler fabric too :) One day I hope to make a purse or something with some fabric I bought a couple years back.

I hope you're having a great day.

Jen said...

She looks so grown up. I love the Jammies too! You are so talented!

Brekke said...

I love the jammies! It must be nice to have a serger.

monique said...

What a fun idea! I love that nightgown. You'll have to let us all in on how you did it! I'm not a good sewer, but I can try! Cute, cute :)