Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Festivities

Finally a new post!

So, for some reason I can't get his underline off the computer. Sorry. 

To start off our festivities for Independence day we went to the church for our ward breakfast. First it was started off with a bike parade for the little kids. Summer broke her bike that she got for her 3rd birthday last year. She has been saving, and saving up to get a new one, and finally she did it. Here it is all decorated in 4th of July attire.
Of course we can not have an event without a sensitive little girl bawling. She got embarrassed to ride her bike, so she just stopped in front of the line up and started bawling. 
After some encouragement she got the hang of it, and then she just had a ton of fun. 
After the parade we went inside to feel the a/c and eat some yummy breakfast while socializing a bit. 

Next it was off to the Bellaire parade. It was a blast, but very, very, very hot and humid.
Summer and I in our semi-matching sunglasses waiting for the parade to start. 
Some kid riding his big wheel in the parade. I took a picture, because I loved these when I was little. I have not seen one in a long time. Are they still making them?
This trolley was in the parade, and was really neat to see.
Ok, so this is one of the coolest things I have seen. It is a scooter cooler. What an awesome idea to have an electric ride on your cooler through the zoo/park. I totally want one, however, they are pretty pricey.
Summer and Philip enjoying the humid night air as we walked to the park to watch the fireworks. 

The fireworks were fun, and Summer enjoyed them. She was a little confused by the word firework because she kept saying I don't see any fire trucks in the sky mom. I guess she was waiting for the trucks to go speeding through the sky or something. 

We had a ton of fun as a family, and with friends. 

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Dan and Jamie said...

Melissa! Your family is so cute! I'm glad you added me to your blog, is it okay if I add you to mine?
My husband's family is from Vancouver, WA. But any time he tells people that, they say, "no Vancouver is in Canada." So we normally try to say he's from Portland, so there's no confusion.
You're little girl is so adorable!