Friday, December 26, 2008

Reminiscing 2008

This Christmas has been different for our family. We stayed in Houston and were not near family or the cold weather. However, it did snow earlier this month:), and we did have some close friends to celebrate with. This season is always nice because it seems like our hearts can turn to our Savior, and in turn we can serve one another.
One of my favorite parts of Christmas is to see the joy on the faces of friends and family. Another favorite is to hear spiritual talks and testimonies of Jesus Christ. The Christmas music can also bring the spirit. It seemed to be a little more of an emotional holiday for me this year, and I have been spiritually touched several times throughout the last month. Several testimonies and stories have left me pondering this last year, and the events that took place in our family. We truly have been so blessed this year. It is great to know we have been blessed with hope, comfort, and the opportunity to share it with others.

These are some pictures from Christmas morning being posted mainly because our families want to see since we are so far from them. Hope you enjoy.

Summer enjoyed finding that Santa came to visit and ate her cookies and chocolate.

This Quilt I made for Summer and have been busy at it for who knows how long. This was a huge task to take on, and I don't know if I will do it again. It was worth it though. She has been asking for a quilt since I made a little tiny one for Scott when I was pregnant.

Summer loves to dress up, and now she has even more lovely jewelry. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Harvey.
Philip could not wait to eat. I guess his stomach is not as small as you might think:).

Philip checking out his new jeans.

Summer showing me the casserole dishes she gave me and the Lego set she gave her dad.
We had a wonderful turkey dinner with our friends, and then relaxed and called family. I am a bit sad it is all over, but lets face it in Houston our tree is ready to be thrown out. Maybe it was just our care for the tree? I did water it everyday. Who knows.
Since Christmas is over I will wish you all a safe and Happy New Year.


Lakynn said...

Hey my loving aunt,uncle,and cousin.It's me lakynn.I really miss you guys.I hope you had a good christmas!! MISS YOU and LOVE YOU:D

Lakynn said...
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Lakynn said...

Hey its lakynn love you and miss you!

Lakynn said...
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Marcy M Miller said...

Merry Christmas. I'm glad you guys had a great christmas day, you'll have to take a pic of the quilt so we can seee it. Have a Happy News Year.

beccasue11 said...

Merry Christmas Harvey's!!! Oh Mel, I wish you were here so we could hang out! I absolutely loved that poem you posted...You are such an amazing person. You've always been an example to me, thankyou. If you ever come to Rigby let me know.-